Soroptimist International of Harrisburg, PA welcomes you.

At the  January meeting we will have a cash collection for the Bahamas clubs to aid with the recovery from Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the January meeting and hope you had a peaceful holiday.  

DID YOU KNOW:  Soroptimist Pledge

A member asked about the "History of the Soroptimist Pledge" at the Leadership Conference.  The search for a Soroptimist ‘creed’ began six months prior to the 1930 convention. The delegates chose to defer making a decision for another six months so that each club could receive copies of the proposed creeds to make an informed decision. Ethel Knight Pollard, director of Midwestern/South Atlantic regions, noted “we want a creed that we can use and work by and live by, not one that will simply be printed and stuck away to get dusty and have no use to us.”

Six months later the federation chose as its creed a pledge that simply stated the ideals of the organization. The pledge was written in 1927 by Candis Nelson, a charter member of the Seattle, WA club. The pledge was set to music in 1947 by Dorothy Miller Dunlap, a member of Huntington Beach, CA club. The setting was adopted as the official musical arrangement of the pledge at the 1950 convention in Seattle, WA- the city of the Soroptimist Pledge’s birth.

“I pledge allegiance to Soroptimist and to the Ideals for which it stands:

The Sincerity of Friendship

The Joy of Achievement

The Dignity of Service

        The Integrity of Profession

The Love of Country

I will put forth my greatest effort to promote, uphold and defend these ideals, for a larger fellowship in home, in society, in business, for Country and for God.”

Are you a girl between 14 and 17 who volunteers her time for a non-profit?  SI Harrisburg is accepting applications for the Violet Richardson Award until January 31.  Detail can be found here.


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